Machine Learning Development Services

We enable rapid decision making, increased productivity, business process automation, and faster anomaly detection

About Machine Learning Development Services
Machine Learning algorithms can be used in applications across practically all sectors – from ecommerce to finance, healthcare to education, cybersecurity to charity.

With hands-on experience in Machine Learning, our AI engineers help companies solve complex business problems by facilitating data-based decision making and building new business models. We use techniques like computational intelligence, pattern recognition and predictive analytics to create future-ready ML-based applications. Our aim is to optimize and automate your business processes.

Maching Learning Services

Deep Learning

Deep learning is the bedrock of high-level synthetic intelligence. While machine learning focuses on available data and known properties, deep learning uses a layered approach of artificial neural networks to discover scalable solutions through predictive and prescriptive analysis. The model essentially learns, interacts, and performs complex tasks without human intervention.

Supervised Learning

Supervised Method relies on the training dataset to learn functions from inputs and meet the desired output values through methods like regression, classification & prediction. Multiple iterations ensure efficient mapping and accurate predictions of business outcomes. Yield superior results from our guided learning models, from spam filtering to improved products, meaningful insights, quick decision-making, risk analysis, and more.

Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised Learning help to Develop future-ready applications across different business cases that learn and adapt over time with usage by building models that explore, assess and process unstructured data and find some structure and insights within. Uncover hidden relationships, classify customer needs, target marketing campaigns, enable text understanding, and much more to reshape the operations of your business world.

Reinforcement Learning

The reinforcement learning model focuses on determining actions that can optimize performance and yield the best reward over time. This technique uses experimentative training to figure out how to achieve optimal results in a given environment and stay ahead of disruption. Its dynamic applications span the fields of navigation, robotics, gaming, telecommunications, and more.

Cognitive Insight

From customer records and transaction logs to geospatial data and social media postings, our machine learning solutions comb through fragmented data to unfold trends and patterns. Our cognitive insights resolve complex business problems in effective manner

Cognitive Engagement

We augments customer-facing web & mobile apps. Cognitive agents address the customers’ incoming requests and questions about product options and stock availability, billing and account interactions, tech support, escalating to human operators if necessary.

Cognitive Automation

We help in automating business processes on different levels, from complex trade-offs and decision making about the resources to routine tasks like e-mail sending and form filling.

Natural Language Processing

We deliver advanced solutions that derive semantic information—entities, concepts, keywords, relations and emotions—from human speech and language on social media, and web apps.

Data Mining

Using mathematical and statistical techniques, We develop algorithms that analyze a plethora of raw data sources to discover meaningful correlations & patterns, and support decision-making of business of all sizes.

Robotic Process Automation

Our team of machine learning developers & programmers creates effective bots that perform routine rules-based tasks through the user interface, mimicking human interaction with software apps and enabling you to focus on high-level tasks.
Our Process

Identify Problem and Collect Data

Our team of consultants and data scientists take on the preliminary work of evaluating your business objectives and determining the relevant solutions to the problems that are posed. Based on the outlined goals, qualitative and quantitative data is extracted for analysis.

Prepare Data for Analysis

Raw data requires a lot of preprocessing to make it usable and efficient. We clean, normalize, label, classify the collected data and eliminate the unusable parts. Pertinent visualizations are prepared to examine its scope and uncover hidden connections.

Transform the Data

This is the consolidation stage of data processing, where the data is transformed into forms appropriate for mining and getting intelligent insights. The data is simplified by normalization, attribute decomposition and aggregated into understandable categories to make it uniform.

Data Splitting

Data splitting focuses on 3 main subsets: training, testing, and validation. Training data is a learning sample for the model, test data ensures performance improvement, and validation data equips the model for unforeseen tasks. This process builds a robust and reliable model.

Create Models

At this stage, the transformed training data is used to create multiple algorithm models. Depending on the desired outcomes of the task at hand, supervised or unsupervised learning method is applied for experimentative analysis using set parameters.

Test and Validate Models

The created models are now put to the test to check for the best results. Cross-validation and ensembling techniques are used to scale speed, accuracy, efficiency, and performance. The goal is to tune the algorithm and develop a successfully optimized model.

Deploy Models

By this stage, we have a production-grade model ready for deployment. For optimum performance and smooth integration, A/B testing and modifications are implemented. The model is now ready to make inferences.
Tools & Methods

Tensor Flow




Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Google Prediction API

AWS Machine Learning

Apache Mahout

Accord Framework in .NET

WEKA Machine Learning Workbench

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