Our hardware design engineers have all the skills to cover your hardware needs. If you want to go incrementally, we can design electronic hardware, PCB, FPGA, or an enclosure. If you need to put together a full-scale electronic device, we will take you from conceptualization to trial manufacturing to mass production.

As a result of our extensive experience designing electronic hardware and software we are ideally suited to analyzing practical problems and devising suitable solutions to those problems.

Our hardware designers have experience in a wide range of micro-controller based designs as well as discrete logic, and mixed signal/analog circuit design. We have also undertaken a number of custom designs for clients and can employ this expertise if required.

Our Key Areas of Specialization:


Embedded systems is a field where software meets hardware. The importance of embedded systems is constantly increasing as we put miniature computers into all sorts of systems (Signboards, Authentication systems, Pacemaker, Wearables). Almost all devices which we use in our day-to-day life involve electronics and micro-controller and that is how important embedded systems have become. With embedded system the possibilities of innovation are endless.

Embedded system would easily be the effective platform to understand the working of microcontrollers and their programming.


Robotics is one of the upcoming technology which simplifies the mechanical work and therby increases the efficiency of operation through very less or no human interaction. 8051 micro-controller and Arduino are widely used to make the robots brain which sends out signals and information to the robot and control its action in the process.

Only when you understand micro-controller technology from core, you will be able to develop robots that do a specific set of actions. Without this core, you cannot develop any innovative robots. So building robotics projects with this technology will help you to understand it from basics. 


IOT devices are connected to cloud with a designated IP address and transfer data to any remotely connected device. These devices are represented digitally and can be controlled from anywhere. Whenever it comes to smart home, smart city, wearables or anything that is related to smart, it is an application of IOT.

As it remotely stores data and sends it to the user, its applications are vast and are now widely implemented in industries. As it is becoming one of the trending concepts, you need to understand the technology behind this and should equip yourself to meet the industrial requirement.


Mechatronics is a booming field and has a very good future.. This technology is currently applied in everyday life for solutions ranging from transportation systems to automation systems and manufacturing systems. Mechatronics are widely used for their efficient and reliable solutions where mechanical work is to be done repeatedly and with great accuracy. A few examples include robots, smart home appliances, automated guided vehicles, human gesture controlled devices, manufacturing robots etc,.

As mechatronics technology is an integration of computer science, mechanical and electronics engineering, it provides an excellent platform for the engineers to develop multi-disciplinary projects and skills.


Ever wondered that our mobile phones, in future may turn into ear pods or glasses that you can wear and connect to anyone across the globe or your sound system would turn into a wrist band which you can wear and listen to your favorite songs on the go? Such changes are becoming a reality and these changes are happening very fast due to the recent advancement of technology. Nerds around the globe are working on wearable technologies as they are going to dominate this in consumer products.. And these wearables allow users to use the technology on the go without interfering with their normal tasks.

Whether it is Military, Education, Sports, and Medical or Fashion the applications of wearables is endless. So the fields that you can choose and develop projects are endless using this technology.

What We Do Professionally:
• Android App Development
• Web Development
• Hardware Development (Arduino / Raspberry Pi)
• Desktop App Development
• Data Science
• Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning