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Embedded solutions form the backbone of the engineering industry. Embedded Systems, has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Its presence in industries ranging from Power, Automobiles, Healthcare and Analytical to Medical Instrumentation is evident. Moreover, embedded systems cater to consumer needs such as electronic appliances, transportation, communication, mobility and so on. Enigma soft makes use of its rich experience in this domain to provide a host of embedded services to its customers. We have been able to consistently innovate without adversely impacting development time and cost, thereby positively impacting time-to-market and ROI.

We, at Enigma Soft, have meticulously built up best practices with context to embedded services, from embedded software development to knowledge-based training.

Our robust embedded solutions include:

  • Re-designs for cost reduction, manufacturing or test enhancement
  • Firmware enhancement for more functionalities or better performance
  • Prototype development
  • Testing device development
  • Reengineering of existing product
  • Software or hardware migration
  • Reverse engineering
  • Solutions based on advanced modules: GSM, RFID, BIOMETRICS, BLUETOOTH, GPS, Touch Screen, etc.
  • OS Porting / Customization /Enhancement Services.
  • RTOS: uCOS, RT Linux, WINCE.
  • Porting from 8-bit/16-bit controllers to 32-bit microprocessors.
  • Development and Integration.
  • GUI designs

Innovation and right time to market are the key success factors for electronics products pertaining to key industry verticals. Our clients trust our expertise with embedded systems development from the initial concept stage all the way through to end-of-life support or anywhere in between.

Our Embedded Systems Development Services



Should you have a need to create an innovative device with advanced functionality, have a linux driver development project for such, or a server-side solution for an enterprise-level web system, Linux Kernel is a mighty power that comes into play. We offer diverse practical knowledge of the Linux tech stack applied in such areas as set-top-box solutions, industrial automation, robotics, drivers and desktop software.


When you need a powerful yet compact solution for your tiny device, leverage Embedded Linux to create a reliable custom solution running on ARM Cortex, Renesas, AVR microprocessors. Enigma Soft’s team offers extensive expertise in Embedded Linux software development and device engineering to create a fully-featured product, be it advanced equipment, car diagnostic tool, or an action camera.


Enigma Soft has real-world project experience creating Embedded Linux powered solutions for the Internet of Things:

  • Various gates for smart home solutions and other connected devices, integrating sensor data into IoT clouds for real-time monitoring, control and data processing;
  • Advanced multi-functional wearables with rich functionality expanding beyond the basic pedometer feature.


Enigma Soft’s embedded software engineers offer extensive Android Kernel customization expertise, including custom device support and kiosk mode design to meet the specific business needs of our clients.

On top of that, Enigma Soft offers hand-on experience with a number of Embedded Android solutions, having delivered in different organizations.

Our Process


Product Development

Enigma Soft is a team of professionals which smoothens the development process for you. With a process inclined towards innovative future, we help you as a reliable guide starting from the initial phase of the feasibility study, embedded software architecting, design modeling, programming and developing the software to the final one of release management. This makes us one-stop shop for all your Embedded Engineering requirements.

Fine Tuning the Products

Meeting the current industry standards is one of the most required aspects for standing out in the crowd. With in-depth knowledge base and expertise gained from experimental learning, Enigma Soft’s re-development and re-engineering team fine tunes your product to make it adaptable to meet the changing industry requirements. Our team is skilled not only in the current technologies but also looks forward to the upcoming advancements. 

Continuous Support

Our engineering team provides you with a support experience that encompasses and focusses on some of the major problems that you may encounter after the release. They formulate best-in-class policies that cater to feature enhancement, bug fixing and correction, regression testing, and maintenance releases to help you make a long-term impact on the industry.

Testing and Verification

We bring you an A-class embedded engineering experience with our team of skilled professionals. Our team finds expertise in brainstorming and formulating the best test plan to reflect excellence through the end product. Not only this, our extensive testing plan incorporates test automation, compliance testing, and regression testing to ensure that you relish the best quality.

About Enigma Soft

Enigma Soft is a software development company established in 2016. Enigma Soft provides IT solutions to your business. We have experience of developing and maintaining successful software products. Satisfied clients around the globe bear testimony to the quality of our work


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