Desktop Application Development

Solving your business challenges with flawless and reliable desktop applications

About Desktop Application Development
Our desktop application development services provide you with an efficient, userfriendly, and customized desktop application that can run offline and independent of web-browser. Our desktop applications help businesses meet their respective requirements and provide a competitive advantage in the growing market. As different businesses have specific and unique requirements, our custom-developed desktop applications help businesses to fulfil these requirements and achieve success.
Enigma leverages major technologies to create custom standalone desktop applications and develops software based utilities for real estate and other industries. We are experienced in creating user friendly tailored software solutions for specific business needs across platforms like Max, Linux and Mac.

Our robust desktop solutions include:

  • Standalone Business Software.
  • Collaborative Applications and Browsers.
  • Plug-ins and Software utilities Development.
  • Desktop Applications for 64-bit Platforms.
  • Desktop Application Redesign.
    Software Testing.
  • Maintenance and Support Services.

Clients stay with us for more than 1.5 years and continue to choose us for their outsourced desktop application services because we build responsive, scalable, feature-rich, and reliable applications every time.

Our Desktop Application Development Services
.NET WPF Desktop Application Development
If you’re looking for an application that will require tight, seamless integration with Microsoft products, we typically use .NET WPF when building your application.
UI Desktop Application Development
In addition to creating rich visuals for your application, we also work on creating a smooth user experience across for your desktop application.
Automated Desktop Application Testing &QA
Using frameworks such as CodedUI, CUITE and Winium and more, we automate your desktop application testing to save you time and ensure smooth performance.
Desktop Application Maintenance
Some of our clients have worked with us, so we understand the need for adjusting and making changes to your application. We’re in it for the long haul, so we build scalable applications that grow with your business, and offer maintenance services when you need them.
We Specialize In
  • Developing new apps using C#, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and XAML.
  • Integrating industrial applications with custom or commercial hardware.
  • Updating existing applications to use cloud hosted services and data stores.
  • Migrating legacy applications written in old technologies like Microsoft Access and Visual Basic, to the latest technologies. Even if the application is inadequately documented, we can work through the old code and develop a new application that is both scalable and efficient.

About Enigma Soft

Enigma Soft is a software development company established in 2016. Enigma Soft provides IT solutions to your business. We have experience of developing and maintaining successful software products. Satisfied clients around the globe bear testimony to the quality of our work


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