Data Science Implementation

We have been applying data science in its different forms ranging from statistics to machine learning (including its most recent technique – deep learning) to run experiments on your data in search of precious insights.


We provide Data Science Services and solutions to help enterprises for Business case identification, Data veracity assessment, design recommendations Analysis, Business Values Mapping, Solution Roadmap, and Technology Identification.

Delivering Business Insights, Innovating and Automating Processes with AI, enriching customer Insights and Cost optimization with Data Science and Deep Learning Solutions, Predictive Analytics, Natural language Processing, and Computer Vision. Data Science Services Offerings

We develop and implement comprehensive data strategies starting from business use case. We provide this customized service to your project by performing R&D, or supporting your data science and IT teams to deliver on project goals, without pushing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ platform approach.

We are industry agnostic, with expertise and domain knowledge across verticals. Our solutions and methods are tailored to your specific problem, transforming current workflows, automating processes, and giving you the flexibility to consume the information in a predictive or prescriptive manner. Without actionable feedback back to the business, a data scientist’s effort is not complete.


Data Munging or Data Wrangling

Data Munging or Data Wrangling solutions for cleaning and transforming the data and preprocessing of data before the process of Data Mining.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Predictive Analytics Solutions for enabling Decision-Making and Intelligence, Risks Analysis and Predictive Analytics Capabilities – Predictive Modeling and Data Mining.

Time Series Forecasting Analysis

Solutions for Building Time Series Forecasting models and automated time series forecasting applications using Data and Statistical Analysis Techniques.

Operational Analytics Solutions

Enterprise Operational solutions for developing Predictive Analytics Capabilities and Empowering Enterprise performance analytics Solutions.

Customer Analytics Solutions and Services

Customer Analytics solutions that help Enterprises to target customers using personalized product service recommendations, predict customer behavior using predictive modeling,

How Data Science adds Value to Businesses?

  • Data Modeling Using Neural Networks, Machine learning and Deep Learning
  • Data Modeling and Algorithms Deployments on Docker, Kubernetes, On-Premises or Public Cloud
  • Generate Intelligent insights in Real-Time
  • Operational and Cognitive Intelligence
  • Enhance utilization of IT infrastructure
  • Increase workforce collaboration

Optimized supply chain management

Our data scientists can apply an ARIMA model or a deep neural network to generate reliable demand predictions. We can build neural networks or apply ML algorithms, such as hierarchical clustering and multi-class support vector machines, to evaluate your suppliers and assess the risks associated with each of them.

Improved production efficiency

We can help you fight low overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by identifying the root causes for availability, performance and quality losses. We apply machine learning techniques to achieve predictive maintenance, undisrupted functioning, and enhanced product quality

Personalized customer experience

Applying machine learning techniques, such as collaborative or content-based filtering (or both of them combined), we can design a recommendation engine to boost the sales of your ecommerce store. Such an engine can help you make your customers happier with relevant product offers. A webpage showing personalized content, a mobile app with promo offers that spark customers’ interest, as well as relevant email campaigns are also among the gains that you can get with data science.

Sales effectiveness

We can implement machine learning-based lead and opportunity scoring so that you’re sure that your sales team adheres to the chosen business strategy, as well as wisely prioritizes their efforts.

Besides, we can create a machine learning model to make your communication with customers stellar. Trained to detect attitude markers and recognize your customers’ mood, the model will signal your sales team if a particular customer experiences negative emotions.

We can provide you with a machine learning model to help you streamline the sales process by providing your sales team with clever next-step recommendations.

Customer behavior prediction

We’ll apply machine learning algorithms to provide you with accurate predictions of your customers’ behavior. For example, you’ll be able to assess whether it’s likely that your customer is a late payer, how they will react to price changes or to promotions. We can also help you identify potential churners so that you can design the strategies to prevent their loss.

Image analysis

Using machine-learning-based analysis, our data scientists can turn images or videos into meaningful info. You can use these insights to solve various business tasks, such as automated visual inspection, facial or emotion recognition, grading, and counting.


1. Discovery

Reviewing your current capabilities and defining future goals to make recommendations for tools, technology, and architecture.

2. Improvement

Improvement of previously built models to continuously raise the quality of insights and to keep up with the changing environment.

3. Proof of Concept

Test a small-scale system, proving the viability of ML models for your problem.

4. Production

Insert the ML system into production while considering costs of implementation and maintenance during deployment.

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