Bio-metric Attendance Management System
Enigma Soft’s Attendance Management Software is packed with amazing features and technologies and is one of the best attendance management system available today. It gives you a clean and streamlined experience that can make your company attendance process faster and better without any human intervention.
About Bio-Metric Attendance Management System
Our Bio-Metric Attendance Management System is designed to help organizations enhance the ways in which they manage their most important resource- “their people”.

For most organizations, the employee cost is one of their largest costs, yet it is often one of the most inefficient aspects of the business process. Poor time & attendance impose a heavy administrative burden on employers as they reconcile hours worked by their staff. Inefficient systems are open to abuse and often result in company owners and shareholders paying for buddy clocking or inadvertently rewarding late-running workers.

With a bio-metric attendance management system, employees clock by scanning a finger when they arrive at or leave work.  There’s no way they can disguise the fact that they’re late for work or sneaking away early. Clocking can be synchronized to a central database even for multiple remote locations allowing managers to interrogate & analyze their employee’s work patterns without leaving their desks. The data can be exported to their preferred payroll software at the push of a button.

  • Easy Learning
  • Access Data Anytime Anywhere
  • Easy Shift Management
  • Daily attendance report
  • Daily attendance late coming
  • Monthly status report (Detailed work Duration)
  • Monthly CSV Export report
  • Monthly status report (Basic report)
  • Leave entries report (All)
  • Outdoor Entries Report (All)
  • Employee Details Report

Features of Bio-Metric Attendance Management System

  • Web interface for viewing attendance data of staff, including absence, late clock-in, early clock-out, overtime, leave reporting.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly reporting of attendance data.
  • Easy to setup organization structure and manage employees, departments, locations, shifts, out of office staff and staff at client locations.
  • Complete management of resource status through a single service.
  • Can be linked to employee’s payroll.
  • Unlimited number of shifts and schedules.
  • User-defined multiple holiday lists.
  • Ability to define attendance policies.
  • Ability to defines different work shifts for different employees
  • Ability to define custom weekly off’s for different employee groups

Company Benefits of Bio-Metric Attendance Management System

  • Improved employees attendance in your work place
  • Improved employees productivity
  • All employee attendance data stored and secured digitally
  • Accurate calculations of employees attendances
  • Improved employees satisfaction
  • Powerful API integration & Automatic Notifications for better automation
  • Powerful attendances policies and rules for company needs
  • Real-time integration and Synchronization with attendance devices
  • Customization as per company needs

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